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Webinar Alchemy – Why Aren’t You Making Stupid Money With This Method (at half off)?


The Most Successful Marketers
ALL Use Online Events As A HUGE
Part Of Their Marketing Strategy …

(even if they are promoting somebody else’s)

Watch our live hangout below:

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There’s an absolute fortune to be made with online events using new cutting edge software.

The problem?

So far it’s only been used behind the sense by elite marketers, who want to keep it to themselves.

What you need is a 6-figure launch manager on your team, teaching you this secret recipe.

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    Webinar – How To Build a HUGE Network Online Even If You Are New

    We have something very special for everyone on tonight’s call!
    Advisory Counsel Member Joel Peterson is going to teach us…
    “How To Build a HUGE Network Online Even If You Are New”
    When: Tonight Thursday August 15th 2013 at 8pm Eastern time
    Where: *************************************************
    Why should you care about this?
    Back when Joel Peterson got started online he didn’t know
    anybody but he knew the importance of building a network of
    people, affiliates and JV partners who would follow, promote and
    help take his business to the next level.
    In a short bout of time, Joel was able to learn the secrets of starting
    from scratch and building up a powerful network…and most of it was
    done online.

    On the training you will learn.

    – How to position yourself and your business so people will take
    notice of you. (and take you serious)
    – The words you must NEVER EVER EVER say if you want to
    build a network.
    – The one strategy he uses to find people who already have large emails
    lists and how he gets them to promote for him

    – Plus a lot lot more
    You are going to want to clear your schedule and invite your guests
    to this webinar!
    When: Tonight Thursday August 15th 2013 at 8pm Eastern time

    See you there!

    Micheal –

    PS – Joel has designed a Simple Money System that you will want to
    take a look at!

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      This Is Going To Be HUGE!

      My team and I just put together a webinar with Todd Gross and Jerry Foster about the power of the taxman and how you and I can take him down a notch or two…

      Get on this webinar at 11 AM Eastern Time –

      In this webinar, Todd and Jerry will show you how we are getting together to create a business that will earn us money and keep the taxman out of our wallets. There are way more benefits than just that, however, so you will want to watch this and take notes:

      You won’t believe how easy this is!

      See you there!

      Micheal –

      PS – Todd is so excited about this, because he immediately saw immediate benefits for almost everyone!

      Think about that for a moment. With the different things trying to keep us from our hard earned dollars, it is nice to find something that actually reunites us with them!

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        Need Leads? This Gives You PURE LEVERAGE!

         Pure Leverage

        My business partner, Joel Therien, has just unleashed 
        the power of leverage to help create a toolbox that will
        allow you and anyone you tell about this to build a 
        significant (BIG) income by generating leads:

        It is called Pure Leverage, because that is what you will
        receive from the tools included in this amazing
        prospecting program!

        Everyone needs leads, right?

        From Internet Marketers to Offline Brick and Mortar
        businesses, leads mean the difference between
        success and failure.

        Watch the video below and see why this can help
        you create a lead generation pipeline that will line
        your pockets (and your bank account) with only a
        minimal amount of effort (there is effort required,
        but we give you the step by step methods that have
        made us thousands of dollars).

        To your success,


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          Evergreen Business System Sale!

          Starting right now and running until the end of Valentine’s Day,
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          To Your Success,


          P.S. If you sell anything whether it be your product or other people’s
          products as an affiliate, you should be jumping all over this

          PPS – If this sale is over by the time you read this, I also have a
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