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How To Make Money With Webinars

It has become normal to create groups in skype whenever you need to get the attention of a large number of people who are all in the same business. Network marketing companies will often have all of their team leaders in one skype group, and then each team leader will host a skype group. This way, the message is easily passed from the upline into the downline with very little loss of information.

One drawback to this method is when you have more than 10 people in a skype group, the conversation never seems to die down. You can find yourself getting hundreds of pages worth of conversations to wade through. Most of the time, people become irritated by the distraction of the skype group that they leave the group.

What I found to work much better is to have a conference room online, where everyone gets a link to it and you have a group of team leaders who have moderator access in the room on a consistent basis, so that any time someone comes in with questions, the team leader is there to answer.

Since communication is the number one method of getting new members active and excited, it is crucial to always have a way to get in front of your members. If you set up your webinar room and give your team the link, you can have them come to your room at specific times for training, Q&A or just for motivation. Once you find your leaders, you can give them moderator access to lead various segments of your training.

You will of course also want to have the top leaders of your team get their own webinar conference room, so that they can duplicate your efforts. This is in fact a great way to add additional income streams to your network marketing company, since the tools of the trade are a necessary business expense for all members of your team. And the Webinars For Profit Software is one of the most cost effective ways to set up a 50 seat conference room on the market today! For $8.97 per month, most of your team can sign up and start doing what you are doing.

Set up a time when all of your leaders get on a webinar with you, so that you can give them the message that they should be sending to their teams. Then, the message that rolls downhill will be the same, and your action plan can be followed by everyone in your team!

I am using this model with my own team at Millionaire Cycler, and you can too. In fact, you can join my team right now, and I will help you get started. Here is the link to get your own 50 seat webinar conference room:

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Profits From Webinars?

Your business may or may not use webinars. I am here to tell you that I can help you increase the bottom line on your business by using webinars to interact with your prospects and clients.

Interaction is a great way to get to know the people you are working with, and for them to get to know you. The formula for making sales is getting prospects to know, like and trust you before you ask them for the first penny. This turns suspects to prospects, prospects into leads and leads into customers. As soon as you can satisfy your prospects that you are legitimate, that you resonate with them, the closer they will be to spending money with you.

That is not to say that you should bring people onto a webinar and do nothing but sell, sell, sell while you tell them about yourself. The webinar should deliver some value to the people who have taken the time to join you. Time is valuable, so if you waste their time, they will not trust you with their money.

Confused about your prospects lack of excitement about your product?
Confused about your prospects lack of excitement about your product?

I have found that the more I interact with my prospects, the better I do with my sales. That is because I have a better chance of finding out what they need, what they want and what is preventing them from making a purchase decision. Often, people want to be convinced, and it is your duty to find out what is keeping them from taking action with your product.

Having them on a webinar allows you to ask them questions, tell them stories that illustrate the benefits of the product and overcome any of the objections you have heard previously. Plus, it allows you to show your prospects some of your previous customers as they tell everyone how much they love your product or how it has helped them solve a particular problem. This social proof is very valuable in helping close a sale.

So whether your business is Air Conditioner repair or car sales, you can always benefit from having a group of prospects on a webinar for a question and answer session. Since you will want to continue to increase the number of people on your webinars, you should give something of value away each night that you do a webinar, to keep people coming back. I have seen some webinar hosts give a cash prize, a copy of their product or a coupon for $25 off a service that they provide. These are great ways to keep people excited about your webinars, and word of mouth will travel fast when someone wins a prize on your webinar.

Another way to increase your profits using webinars is to use them to build an opt-in list. Your customers are looking for information about your topic if they signed up for your webinar, so use that signup list to tell them about other products related to your webinar.

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