Try Evergreen Business System For A Buck

Let me ask you this… if a product is supposed to be evergreen, how can the doors close to it?

The Evergreen Business System gurus have announced that Thursday at midnight the doors to EBS will close for an indefinite time. See the timer on the page:

The product has the name Evergreen in it! So we should be able to promote it all year long… but according to the EBS people, over 2000 people have signed up and are setting up their accounts. They are worried that they may not be able to sustain such a huge influx of users without having an overload in the support department.

So they have put a countdown timer, and when it reaches 00:00:00, you won’t be able to purchase EBS… no matter how much you beg.

Which also means that my bonus expires when that timer reaches zero!

As a bonus for Evergreen Business System, I am offering one year of coaching with Yvonne and I , where we will work with you one hour each week to get your product ready to sell, to get your webinar ready to go live and to work with you every step of the way so that you are not all by yourself trying to figure it all out!

But you can only get it if you grab Evergreen Business System through our link before the timer reaches 00:00:00!

A bunch of the EBS bonuses are being removed as soon as the timer reaches zero!

** But here is what you may NOT know **

1) - Page Comes Down Today!

EBS is coming off the market today, THURSDAY,
at Midnight! (if you are late I apologize.)

2) - Get Access for $1

Mike Filsaime is closing today only for
$1 trial. See site for details. Bottom
line is you get to try the software for
7 full days and even build your own
webinar and use it for just $1.

Hey… I could go on and on and tell you why
AUTOMATING your business with perpetual,
and "evergreen" marketing is what all
of the TOP marketers are starting to do. . .

Or… I could go on and on about why this
software is the one EVERYONE is talking about.

But you can just see it all for yourself here

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    Who Uses Webinar Automation?

    Unless you are living under a rock,you have seen
    ALL of the Top Guru’s using Automated Webinars
    to run “Evergreen Businesses” People like Rich
    Schefren, Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Norman
    Freeman, Brian Bagnall.

    And things just got pretty bad for you. It is not
    just the “Top Marketers” that are simply
    focusing on marketing and getting leads
    because they know with this NEW “Evergreen”
    sales funnel they will convert visitors higher
    than any othertype of marketing. This can be
    VERY bad for you if you don’tread this.Here
    is why…

    Because Mike Filsaime just released not only
    HOW TO do this, but also the software he
    created for himself to do this. And Mike
    Filsaime just announced that in the first 2
    days, over 1000 people are now goingto use
    this system. So if YOU are not one of these
    people, that means that 1000 people now
    have an advantage over you.

    – They can make more with advertising.
    – They can get more affiliates
    – Their affiliates will make more money

    Your competition just got better and smarter.

    Look, it does not take a “Rocket Scientist” to know
    that automating your business is what you should
    be doing.

    It does not take “Brain Surgeon” to know that
    if you can do something 1-Time and get paid
    over and over again you doing things right.

    Why focus on “conversion”

    Focus on leads and let your Evergreen Business
    make you money.

    The Top Marketers know these to be true to the tune
    of “Millions”


    – Webinars Pages register higher than Squeeze pages
    – Webinars Sell Better than Sales Letters
    – Webinars Sell Better than Video Sales Letters
    – Webinars Sell Better than Hybrids

    – Webinars make more EPC (Earnings Per Click / Visitor) than
    any form of online selling

    – Webinars make more DPL (Dollar Per Lead or Optin) than
    any form of online selling

    *** BUT ***

    Webinars require WORK and TIME

    What if you could do:
    – 4 Webinars a Day
    – 4 Day a weel
    – 4 Weeks a Month
    – 12 Months a year

    … and you never had to show up. You record it
    once and make it EVERGREEN with the newest

    Well now you can!

    So, the question is now…Are you going to let
    your competition beat you? – or -Will you BE
    the competition and market with the latest
    working strategies and software.

    People have been begging for this software.
    Others spent months and Ten’s of thousands
    of dollars for custom software that does half of
    what this does.

    Get your hands on
    Evergreen Business System” now.

    He is giving bonus products now during the initial
    release that go away very soon. There are just
    some things it seems all marketers use now:
    – Facebook and Google for Traffic
    – Easy Video Player for the video streaming
    – WordPress for their sites
    – A Merchant account
    – A shopping Cart and Affiliate Software
    And now, the TOP Marketers also use
    The Automated Webinar Software in the
    Evergreen Business System

    We have ours… and honestly, if you are not using this,
    you might as well be using text-only long form sales
    letters (Newsflash- They are dead)

    The market changes. You need to stay updated
    – In 2002, sales letters ruled the web
    – In 2008, Video took over

    In 2009, Webinars took over 2011, it is NOW
    Automated Webinars Check it out for yourself
    and see why everyone is so excited for their

    Shouldn’t you be?

    It isn’t hard to imagine earnings in the 5 to 6
    figures even if the guys above are doing 7 and 8

    Their results are not typical, it takes a lot of
    testing to create an offer that pays off
    consistently. But if you follow their lead, you
    WILL create a steady income by simply driving
    traffic to your webinar registration forms.


    Get one year of coaching from Yvonne and I as we show you how
    tweak your webinars for best conversion. We will look over your
    powerpoints, your offer and your close and see how you can make
    them convert even better. You will get one hour each week where
    you can discuss your business with us.

    So hurry and claim your year of coaching by purchasing the EBS
    software from our link:



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      Do you remember when domain names were $100.00
      a year?

      Yep… they used to be that much until
      came around and slashed the pricing down to $8.97

      Every top internet marketer in the world is talking about
      just how effective webinars are in the sales process.

      If you do not use webinars and live conferences in your
      business you are losing out on a substantial part of your

      I have been using GVOconference now and it has dramatically
      added to my bottom line for years..

      Here is the deal, GVO has become the GoDaddy model of
      the live conferencing world!!

      Their CEO and president Joel Therien just announced
      today a 48 hour fire sale.

      500 seat conference rooms are normally $200 to $500
      dollars a month..

      Get one RIGHT NOW and for the next 48 HOURS ONLY
      for just $1.00 for one week and then just $17.97 per month!!

      (this is a hidden link so be sure to bookmark it, because once
      you buy a room, you can become an affiliate and promote
      this amazing offer as well!)

      This price is totally unheard of… and it will not last long
      so take action now!!

      Also, you should look at the Evergreen Business System for
      placing your recorded webinars into an automated money
      making system that you can promote year round!

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        How Webinars Really Do Profit You

        Working in any industry, you need to be able to collaborate with coworkers and business partners. Because it is becoming harder to keep people in the same country, let alone in the same room, many businesses are finding that having a way to keep everyone communicating is crucial.

        Enter the Webinar. People can collaborate from across the world as long as they have an Internet connection and a microphone (though not absolutely necessary). With a webinar, a person in one city can show a presentation to someone in another time zone without having to do any traveling.

        It is not surprising that many people are using webinars to build stronger communication in their organizations, be they a Fortune 500 company or a church. They can schedule meetings based on time availability instead of personal availability.

        Webinars used to be expensive, you had to spend a lot of money for the software platform. But with the release of GVO Conference, a 50 seat web conference room is now only $8.97 per month. Imagine being able to bridge the communication gap with all parts of your organization. With Webinars For Profit, you can affordably get groups together to communicate, and have the ability to record the whole thing for later playback.

        Online Businesses Love Webinars!

        Webinars have rapidly replaced the teleconference as the selling platform of choice! Marketers are finding that having their Powerpoint slides visible to all of the audience as they hammer home their selling points drastically increases their ability to close the sale!

        Many marketers are also setting up training webinars instead of live events, simply because it is so much easier to bring people to their computer for a few hours than it is for them to fly to a resort area and spend the weekend in a hotel. Customers like it better, because they do not have to spend nearly as much money as they would if they had traveled.

        When customers save money, it means that they have more to spend on your products and services! What better way to increase your sales than to make each aspect of your customers’ experience as personable as possible. Repeat business is a result of over delivering on the value and making an offer that is irresistible to the prospect. Having your training or coaching delivered by webinar makes it seem more personal than a room full of people or a DVD in the living room.

        Taking The Next Step

        Once you have developed a series of training materials that you have put together in a series of webinars, you are ready to create a delivery system that will allow your webinars to run automatically as often as your customers need them. If you make 10 sales this week of your new coaching program, you can have them placed into a membership site where the webinars will be scheduled for the members. The dates and times will be posted, and the software will run your recorded webinars automatically at the selected times, whenever someone attends. So you are training someone while spending time with your spouse or your children.

        The software is part of a system called Evergreen Business System which was designed by marketers to make it as easy as possible to set up income streams in any market they choose to. By evergreen, we mean having green leaves year round, and your webinars can be created in a way that they are useful to your prospects year round, too. Simply record your webinars and when you find one that does especially well at selling your product, set it up in the EBS system to automatically register, remind and educate your prospects without you having to interfere. If is almost like outsourcing, except you only have to pay for it one time!

        What are some of the reasons you have not started using webinars? Leave us comments so we can help you, too!

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          Evergreen Profit Strategy For Webinars

          You should always have products that stand the test of time. A fad diet is not an evergreen product, but a weight loss guide, a training program for marketers to build a profit funnel or Internet Marketing tools that are needed day in and day out are great evergreen products.

          By evergreen, we mean that your product is not related to time of year, or a particular fad. A Justin Bieber product would not stand the test of time, as he may not be popular in 5 years. That is why you don’t see a lot of products for Barbara Eden from I Dream Of Jeannie!

          If you position your product correctly, you can make money from it all year long. Because it is not tied to a particular time of year, your affiliates can send you traffic from articles, videos and blog posts and you can just sit back and collect the revenues.

          Are you using webinars to cash in on this product?

          Webinars give you an opportunity to make more profits from the same product line, because you can give people an offer that they can’t refuse, and make it time limited. Say your product is usually $97, and for your webinar you add another $297 in bonuses that make your product even more useful. During your webinar, you make sure that people know that only people who are on the webinar will get the bonuses, and then give them a special url where they can get the product. Your sales should explode during these webinars, if you have tailored your offer correctly. The trick is to get people on the webinars and to give them a lot of value during the webinar.

          Some marketers sell from the minute that they are introduced, and while that works if people understand that this is going to be a sales presentation, it may be a disappointment if the webinar is touted as an informational webinar. So make sure you are up front about what type of webinar you are going to hold. Having a guest that offers great information is the key. Then at the end, you bundle an offer that is only available for this webinar at the special link provided.

          Record Your Webinars!

          Recording webinars are a great way to figure out which of your webinars sell best. You may have an especially good day, where you didn’t stutter one time, and revealed so much information that your subscribers were totally impressed, and you made 50% more sales than any other webinar you have done… you are going to want to have that webinar to fall back on.

          You can upload that webinar recording to a video platform like Easy Video Player, or set it up as an evergreen webinar on Evergreen Business Systems. By using this amazing tool, you can take that money making webinar and cash in on it again and again! Just keep sending new traffic to that webinar…

          I hope this post helps you see that you can take a simple webinar and turn it into an evergreen cash cow. I will be offering some coaching to anyone who buys the Evergreen Business Systems from the link here in the next 72 hours. The first 5 will get 1 year of coaching, where we will go over your webinars, help you fine tune them and then set them up in the EBS platform. We will work together once a week on skype for an hour and get you making money from your webinars. Then next 10 will get 9 months, the next 20 will get 6 months and finally everyone else will get 3 months of coaching.

          So you will have to hurry. The cart opens at noon, August 2nd (for the early bird subscribers) and at 1PM for everyone else. If you want to be one of the first 5 who get my one year coaching, you will want to sign up to be on this list! You can sign up now:

          See you on skype,

          Micheal Savoie

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