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Webinar – How To Build a HUGE Network Online Even If You Are New

We have something very special for everyone on tonight’s call!
Advisory Counsel Member Joel Peterson is going to teach us…
“How To Build a HUGE Network Online Even If You Are New”
When: Tonight Thursday August 15th 2013 at 8pm Eastern time
Where: http://trynow.gvoacademy.com/live/ *************************************************
Why should you care about this?
Back when Joel Peterson got started online he didn’t know
anybody but he knew the importance of building a network of
people, affiliates and JV partners who would follow, promote and
help take his business to the next level.
In a short bout of time, Joel was able to learn the secrets of starting
from scratch and building up a powerful network…and most of it was
done online.

On the training you will learn.

– How to position yourself and your business so people will take
notice of you. (and take you serious)
– The words you must NEVER EVER EVER say if you want to
build a network.
– The one strategy he uses to find people who already have large emails
lists and how he gets them to promote for him

– Plus a lot lot more
You are going to want to clear your schedule and invite your guests
to this webinar!
When: Tonight Thursday August 15th 2013 at 8pm Eastern time
Where: http://trynow.gvoacademy.com/live/

See you there!

Micheal – WSOInsiders.com

PS – Joel has designed a Simple Money System that you will want to
take a look at!

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