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Mike Filsaime Offers A Limited Webinar Replay

Sorry if you missed  Mike Filsaime’s Franchise Model Secret Online Training event. You must be pretty busy. I certainly understand that. Happens to me a lot too. 🙂

Since you were not there, the only thing I could guess is that it just didn’t fit into your schedule… or you missed my last email!

So I talked Mike Filsaime into putting up a replay, but it will only be up for a few days.

It’s the next best thing to get all of the amazing content Mike shared for the first time ever. 

See it here:


If you want to know…

– How to get 10 TIMES more sales conversions than 99% of all marketers get online… (so you pass the hopeless throngs of competitors…)

– The best way to stop information overload DEAD IN IT’S TRACKS (and finally get focused on the business of making money…)

– A way to access integration channels (normally only available to top players on the web) and open up an entirely new, high-ticket sales channel that sends you checks for ZERO additional effort… 

– 5 reasons why businesses who use the Franchise Model succeed almost 97% of the time (And how to tap into the model online!)

– How to make enough to pay your car, house or credit card payments… or have extra cash to do things (like spur-of-the-moment vacations)  you wouldn’t normally be able to afford… faster than you thought possible…

And much, much more…

Then I urge you to beat the clock and head over to catch the replay here: 


If you are even remotely curious why Franchises SUCCEED about 90% of the time…

…and “regular” small businesses FAIL about 80% of the time…

… you better carve out roughly an hour and a half today to find out! (Before the deadline for sure.)


Have an amazing day!

Yvonne & Micheal

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