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Free teleconference / Mike G will make you famous on the net

Just wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know Mike G (Net marketers call him their “secret weapon”!) is holding a special teleconference this week. He only has a few time slots available, grab one ok?

You’ve got to be on one of these calls.
Mike is going to teach you how you can make a lot of money giving away something free on the internet, and he is also going to show you how…
His blockbuster new site, MySiteInc.net, has gone totally viral – it’s insane!
…And more importantly, how you can harness this viral behemoth to become famous on the internet!

And just for showing up, he’s got something really special for you – he sells it for $69 bucks, but he’s going to give it to you for free – but you have to be on the call.

AND, you will also receive a $50 advertising package which includes the showing of your ad on 10,000 sites!

Fair enough? Okay!
Register for the conference here >>

Micheal Savoie

PS: And make sure you register for your free money making website account before the call! (Here’s the link to get your free site setup.)

PPS: One last thing: The conference lines are limited, once you register, please, please be there. If you don’t show up, you’ll actually be taking the place of someone else who dearly wanted to be there.

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