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Try Evergreen Business System For A Buck

Let me ask you this… if a product is supposed to be evergreen, how can the doors close to it?

The Evergreen Business System gurus have announced that Thursday at midnight the doors to EBS will close for an indefinite time. See the timer on the page:


The product has the name Evergreen in it! So we should be able to promote it all year long… but according to the EBS people, over 2000 people have signed up and are setting up their accounts. They are worried that they may not be able to sustain such a huge influx of users without having an overload in the support department.

So they have put a countdown timer, and when it reaches 00:00:00, you won’t be able to purchase EBS… no matter how much you beg.

Which also means that my bonus expires when that timer reaches zero!


As a bonus for Evergreen Business System, I am offering one year of coaching with Yvonne and I , where we will work with you one hour each week to get your product ready to sell, to get your webinar ready to go live and to work with you every step of the way so that you are not all by yourself trying to figure it all out!

But you can only get it if you grab Evergreen Business System through our link before the timer reaches 00:00:00!


A bunch of the EBS bonuses are being removed as soon as the timer reaches zero!

** But here is what you may NOT know **

1) - Page Comes Down Today!

EBS is coming off the market today, THURSDAY,
at Midnight! (if you are late I apologize.)

2) - Get Access for $1

Mike Filsaime is closing today only for
$1 trial. See site for details. Bottom
line is you get to try the software for
7 full days and even build your own
webinar and use it for just $1.



Hey… I could go on and on and tell you why
AUTOMATING your business with perpetual,
and "evergreen" marketing is what all
of the TOP marketers are starting to do. . .

Or… I could go on and on about why this
software is the one EVERYONE is talking about.

But you can just see it all for yourself here

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    Who Uses Webinar Automation?

    Unless you are living under a rock,you have seen
    ALL of the Top Guru’s using Automated Webinars
    to run “Evergreen Businesses” People like Rich
    Schefren, Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Norman
    Freeman, Brian Bagnall.


    And things just got pretty bad for you. It is not
    just the “Top Marketers” that are simply
    focusing on marketing and getting leads
    because they know with this NEW “Evergreen”
    sales funnel they will convert visitors higher
    than any othertype of marketing. This can be
    VERY bad for you if you don’tread this.Here
    is why…

    Because Mike Filsaime just released not only
    HOW TO do this, but also the software he
    created for himself to do this. And Mike
    Filsaime just announced that in the first 2
    days, over 1000 people are now goingto use
    this system. So if YOU are not one of these
    people, that means that 1000 people now
    have an advantage over you.

    – They can make more with advertising.
    – They can get more affiliates
    – Their affiliates will make more money

    Your competition just got better and smarter.

    Look, it does not take a “Rocket Scientist” to know
    that automating your business is what you should
    be doing.

    It does not take “Brain Surgeon” to know that
    if you can do something 1-Time and get paid
    over and over again you doing things right.

    Why focus on “conversion”

    Focus on leads and let your Evergreen Business
    make you money.

    The Top Marketers know these to be true to the tune
    of “Millions”


    – Webinars Pages register higher than Squeeze pages
    – Webinars Sell Better than Sales Letters
    – Webinars Sell Better than Video Sales Letters
    – Webinars Sell Better than Hybrids

    – Webinars make more EPC (Earnings Per Click / Visitor) than
    any form of online selling

    – Webinars make more DPL (Dollar Per Lead or Optin) than
    any form of online selling

    *** BUT ***

    Webinars require WORK and TIME

    What if you could do:
    – 4 Webinars a Day
    – 4 Day a weel
    – 4 Weeks a Month
    – 12 Months a year

    … and you never had to show up. You record it
    once and make it EVERGREEN with the newest

    Well now you can!


    So, the question is now…Are you going to let
    your competition beat you? – or -Will you BE
    the competition and market with the latest
    working strategies and software.


    People have been begging for this software.
    Others spent months and Ten’s of thousands
    of dollars for custom software that does half of
    what this does.

    Get your hands on
    Evergreen Business System” now.


    He is giving bonus products now during the initial
    release that go away very soon. There are just
    some things it seems all marketers use now:
    – Facebook and Google for Traffic
    – Easy Video Player for the video streaming
    – WordPress for their sites
    – A Merchant account
    – A shopping Cart and Affiliate Software
    And now, the TOP Marketers also use
    The Automated Webinar Software in the
    Evergreen Business System


    We have ours… and honestly, if you are not using this,
    you might as well be using text-only long form sales
    letters (Newsflash- They are dead)

    The market changes. You need to stay updated
    – In 2002, sales letters ruled the web
    – In 2008, Video took over

    In 2009, Webinars took over 2011, it is NOW
    Automated Webinars Check it out for yourself
    and see why everyone is so excited for their

    Shouldn’t you be?

    It isn’t hard to imagine earnings in the 5 to 6
    figures even if the guys above are doing 7 and 8

    Their results are not typical, it takes a lot of
    testing to create an offer that pays off
    consistently. But if you follow their lead, you
    WILL create a steady income by simply driving
    traffic to your webinar registration forms.


    Get one year of coaching from Yvonne and I as we show you how
    tweak your webinars for best conversion. We will look over your
    powerpoints, your offer and your close and see how you can make
    them convert even better. You will get one hour each week where
    you can discuss your business with us.

    So hurry and claim your year of coaching by purchasing the EBS
    software from our link:




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