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Increase sales and explode your fan base!

All the Bells and Whistles are included in this one!

Looking for that special cocktail to increase revenues, and explode your
fan base?

Myownmeeting is a web conferencing platform that will spin
your business to a whole other level. This easy to use system
will create instant engagement from anywhere in the world.

Widen and tap into world markets – all in real time!

Share your desktop, push Powerpoint and Live streaming video
to your attendees. A fantastic solution for you as a leader in
your industry to leverage your team and train the simple aspects
of duplication.

Show case products and sell directly through your web conference
platform. Bring the world closer to you and capitalize on your brand.

What sets myownmeeting aside from everyone else?

A fantastic price point, incredible features backed by amazing support
and coaching!

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They also showcase the power of this system every Tuesday and Thursday
nights at 8PM EST. You are welcome to join us as myownmeeting speaks for
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The cool thing is you can become a reseller of myownmeeting and tie
it into your own business model or simple take myownmeeting as your
primary business and collect 70% residual commissions every month!

You bring in paid sign ups and they will pay you!

A real product and a fantastic opportunity makes it a win win across the

We hope to see you light up the world with the power of web conferencing!

Micheal & Yvonne

Watch Out For This New Webinar Platform!

This is a warning to anyone who is currently looking to start doing webinars: take a long hard look at Webinar JEO before spending your hard earned money anywhere else!

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Even if you have NEVER done a webinar before
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Some TOP NAMES have already run webinars on this platform
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Here is a review of the software to help you make your mind up:

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Last Chance For Lifetime Option!

Run A Webinar On Your PC or MacRunAWebinar is one program you need to have in your toolbox if you plan on EVER doing a Webinar for your business. Buying this with the lifetime option is cheaper than paying one month of GoToWebinar.

But as the sales video says, the lifetime option goes away at midnight Tuesday morning on March 22.

Don’t miss out on this amazing software! Get RunAWebinar before the lifetime option is gone!

One Webinar Can Make You A Mint!

ATTENTION Marketers: Do You Ever Wonder How The Elite
Manage To Generate 5 or 6 Figures From A Single Webinar?

You’ve heard of people making millions with webinars, well what if there was a way for you to cash in on these webinar profits without having a product, service, or even having your own webinar?

Well there is…

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Even if you have no list, no brand, no webinar – this shows you a way to cash in on other people’s webinars – best of all there is no trick or gimmick to this – you are adding value to their webinar helping them make more money and in return they are cutting you in on the increase in the profits so it doesn’t cost them anything out of pocket.

If this has you intrigued but you aren’t quite getting it yet, trust me you will want to just click the link below to discover how this is easiest way to make money online in a legit fun way.

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne –

webinar closer

Video Creation With PowerPoint?

This morning on The Blogging With Micheal Show, I talked about
how you can make videos without having to get too complicated.
One way that I discovered as I was teaching about some of the
other ways was that you can actually save your PowerPoints as
a video!

Well, as it turned out, a couple of products are available for a
very reasonable price that will help you create some pretty
slick looking animated videos from PowerPoint. You do need
PowerPoint 2010 or later (or possibly Open Office Presenter)
to use these templates.

PowerPoint Video Templates

57 templates that will help you make animated PowerPoint
Videos a snap! See them for yourself:

Instant Video Templates

Another set of Animated PowerPoint Templates (Early Bird Pricing):

Which Should You Use?

That is the question, isn’t it? It really depends on your needs as
a video producer. If you only expect to create a few videos a year,
either of them will satisfy that need – and I would tell you that
you can get started for less with the Instant Video Templates.

Look at the price:

But if you are going to produce videos monthly or more, then
I would grab as many of these video templates as you can get
your hands on. The more variety, the better your videos will
be received by clients.

So click one or both of the links above and score yourself some
nice professional templates that you can start using right away
and I will add you to our secret Facebook Video Producers group
so that you can share your videos with the group.

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne –

PS – Need a good video player for your clients? You need to check
out this great new video marketing platform you can use to host
and play videos (with lots of amazing marketing tools like social
sharing, in-video opt in form, in-video buy buttons and many