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Evergreen Business System Sale!

Starting right now and running until the end of Valentine’s Day,
you can get your hands on the industry’s best Automated Webinar
Software for…


50% OFF

Details here: http://webinarsforprofit.com/go/evergreen/

We’re calling it the

“Everybody Love Evergreen Business System” Sale and for good reason.

Here’s why…

* Everybody really DOES love EBS!

* It’s the best automated evergreen webinar software on the market
– hands down!

* We’ve sold over 5,000 copies since we launched

* It’s a must have tool for your marketing arsenal. And even if you
don’t need it right this second, you will need it at some point –
so why not get it at half the price

* We’ve never offered a discount to the general public

* This is EXTREMELY limited… as in that you can only secure your
copy of this software to run UNLIMITED amounts of automated
webinars until midnight on Valentine’s Day night.

Watch this short video Mike & Hector created that covers all the
juicy details:


To Your Success,


P.S. If you sell anything whether it be your product or other people’s
products as an affiliate, you should be jumping all over this

PPS – If this sale is over by the time you read this, I also have a
link for you where you can get a LITE version for only $97


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    Are You Attending?

    The Lead Gen Summit is starting in a few minutes…

    Ross Goldberg has gathered 10 of the top experts in all aspects of
    Lead Generation.

    Each will be showing you what has made them successful
    as lead generating ninjas, and the price to get in is less than
    the cost to take your family to the movies!


    Hope I see you there!

    Micheal & Yvonne


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      7 simple steps that are guaranteed to bring you free traffic and leads


      Someone I always give thanks for is Jeff Johnson… his free
      training videos are so good that I am usually getting free
      traffic before he even launches his courses.


      Jeff Johnson just posted Video #3 in his free training series for you.

      I’m not sure if you’ve been checking out Jeff’s new “Tube Traffic
      Secrets” training on his blog this week or not, but if you haven’t…
      you really should.

      His first two free training videos and Cheat Sheets have been
      getting rave reviews (all you have to do is look at the hundreds of
      comments left on his blog for each of the free training videos and
      you’ll know what I mean).

      They are jam-packed with 100% pure “take action, get results”
      content that you can put to use in your business starting immediately.

      See for yourself, they’re free:



      To your success at grabbing leads for free!

      Micheal & Yvonne

      PS – I almost forgot to tell you the best news…

      Jeff just posted the third video in his free “Tube Traffic Secrets”
      training series to his blog.

      It’s called “The 7 simple steps that are guaranteed to bring you
      free traffic and free leads from YouTube!”

      It definitely looks like another content-packed winner from Jeff.
      And it’s free.

      Check out Video #3 here:


      PPS – If you missed Video #1 and Video #2, don’t worry…

      Jeff will grant you immediate access to them as well.

      Plus he’ll give you free copies of his Cheat Sheets and Checklist as

      The Cheat Sheets include 42 very specific action items and tips that
      you can apply immediately to your business so you can grab more free
      traffic and free leads from YouTube.

      Download the free Cheat Sheets and Checklist here:


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        Mike Filsaime Offers A Limited Webinar Replay

        Sorry if you missed  Mike Filsaime’s Franchise Model Secret Online Training event. You must be pretty busy. I certainly understand that. Happens to me a lot too. 🙂

        Since you were not there, the only thing I could guess is that it just didn’t fit into your schedule… or you missed my last email!

        So I talked Mike Filsaime into putting up a replay, but it will only be up for a few days.

        It’s the next best thing to get all of the amazing content Mike shared for the first time ever. 

        See it here:


        If you want to know…

        – How to get 10 TIMES more sales conversions than 99% of all marketers get online… (so you pass the hopeless throngs of competitors…)

        – The best way to stop information overload DEAD IN IT’S TRACKS (and finally get focused on the business of making money…)

        – A way to access integration channels (normally only available to top players on the web) and open up an entirely new, high-ticket sales channel that sends you checks for ZERO additional effort… 

        – 5 reasons why businesses who use the Franchise Model succeed almost 97% of the time (And how to tap into the model online!)

        – How to make enough to pay your car, house or credit card payments… or have extra cash to do things (like spur-of-the-moment vacations)  you wouldn’t normally be able to afford… faster than you thought possible…

        And much, much more…

        Then I urge you to beat the clock and head over to catch the replay here: 


        If you are even remotely curious why Franchises SUCCEED about 90% of the time…

        …and “regular” small businesses FAIL about 80% of the time…

        … you better carve out roughly an hour and a half today to find out! (Before the deadline for sure.)


        Have an amazing day!

        Yvonne & Micheal

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          Webinar Expert Stephen Renton Reveals Secrets In WSO!

          bootstrap-922x1024 Stephen Renton, the guy who wrote the book
          on webinars, has released a WSO that reveals
          the secret method he uses to pull down $34k
          from a single webinar without needing a list.


          Stephen’s WSO will show you exactly what
          to do, and why you should have a great
          webinar service like Webinars For Profit:


          So grab this and get started using webinars!


          Bonus – Purchase this and then purchase
          the webinars for profit software and I will
          refund the $29 setup fee that you would
          normally pay to get started!


          You must buy using my link, (both the webinars
          for profit software and the WSO) and then
          send me the receipt info from both, and I will
          refund the $29 after 30 days.

          Webinars For Profit Software:


          Webinar Bootstrap Method WSO:


          Help Desk: http://replytomicheal.com

          To your success!

          Micheal & Yvonne


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