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39 Reasons EBS 2.0 Is Better

During my Blogging With Micheal Show today, I was discussing the new and improved Evergreen Business System.

If you listen to the episode, you will see that I had originally only planned on talking for about 20 minutes on the topic, but found myself still discussing it 45 minutes into the show…


Because Evergreen Business System has grown up over the last year.

You can see what I mean by watching this video:


Over 40 features and many of them were not part of the package last year at this time!

The cool part is that you get everything on that page if you take advantage of this offer!

And if you decide you don’t need that much power, you can still snag the Lite Version of EBS.


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    Evergreen Business System – Mike Filsaime – WSO For $197 One Day Price For Automated Webinar Software

    The software that the majority of the webinar gurus are using is now available for a WSO price for one day only!

    Evergreen Business System usually sells (every day) for $497 bundled with a lot of great bonuses and a training course to show you how to structure your evergreen webinar business. But for today only, you can buy the software only for a song (well, an album, because the price is $197 for today only)!

    Watch these videos and see for yourself!


    EBS Part1


    EBS Part 2


    EBS Part 3



    Remember. This is SOFTWARE ONLY with EXACT RIGHTS you get at the site. (No Home Study Training, Just How To Use training) After this WSO is over you will have to go here to purchase Evergreen Business System!


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      Evergreen Business System Reopens (Time Limited Bonus Announced)

      EBS (Evergreen Business System) has re-opened… and why it matters to you…

      I will explain why it matters in a second, but first, in case you did not know this about E.B.S.

      – 2701 customers in 10 days (Impressive, are you on this list yet)

      – Refund Rate Under 6% (ask around. That is among the lowest)

      – Hundreds of Evergreen Webinars went live making the owners thousands of dollars per day.

      – Many people are using it as “affiliates” to sell other peoples products


      O.K. As promised, why it matters to you…

      There are some tools (like a Hammer) that are part of every toolbox.

      For marketers, it is things like WORDPRESS, VIDEO, TRAFFIC, and yes. . . now Evergreen Webinars to AUTOMATE your business. Automate Your Presentations, and everything else.selling-products-online

      Until now, you had to pay over $1000 or more per year with monthly fees. And if the service closes, so does your business.

      With EBS, you pay 1 time and you control everything. There is NOTHING else like EBS on the market at ANY PRICE with all these features that allows you all this control.

      The Buyer List of EBS is every BIG NAME marketer and every soon to be on the Planet.

      bonuses-for-evergreen-business-systemNow that it is open again, you can buy it at anytime, but for the RE-OPENING, we added some SPECIAL LIMITED TIME bonuses (boni?) that makes this price / value the best offer for EBS there ever was or ever will be.

      I could tell you all about it, but you can learn more about it here:


      I can tell you personally I have not been this excited about a product and not had this much fun using it (knowing how much money it has and will make me) since the day I started marketing.

      FINALLY>>> It’s like a SMART PHONE, you don’t know how cool it is until you own it.

      Now is the time


      PLEASE Hurry. Last time it closed many were upset. And now with this new bonus, you don’t want to miss out again.



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