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Your Very Own Webinars On Facebook–LIVE!

This is a very exclusive invitation! Really take just a few
minutes and check out this hidden link and video:


This is truly a very exclusive invitation to join us as
founding members of Meetcheap and to be able to
solidify a great spot in this amazing home based
business opportunity!

What is MeetCheap?

Well it is a real time collaboration and web conferencing
platform similar to Gotomeeting and Webex
(It actually has better features in my opinion)


But.. the main reason I am contacting you is because,
well get this…

As a distributor of Meetcheap you will be able to
sell conference rooms to your customers at an
unheard of price of…

$1.67 PER YEAR!

Yes.. that is only $19.97 per year!

Similar companies sell conference rooms at $100 per month!!

As a distributor you will collect 50% residual commissions
on the sale, plus amazing residual commissions on all
up sells on the back end!!


True passive and residual income that will last a LIFETIME!!

Remember, if there is one universal law in business, it is this..

As long as you have great customer support and a superior

When Meetcheap launches at $1.67 per month it will
become a household name in the conference world in less than
3 months!



Talk about hugely viral!!

Take a minute and watch this video on our Founding Members
hidden invite page. It explains in great detail why this is such an
amazing product and opportunity!


Take action Full and join our team!

And like our Viral Webcaster Fan Page on Facebook!

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    Webinar Expert Stephen Renton Reveals Secrets In WSO!

    bootstrap-922x1024 Stephen Renton, the guy who wrote the book
    on webinars, has released a WSO that reveals
    the secret method he uses to pull down $34k
    from a single webinar without needing a list.


    Stephen’s WSO will show you exactly what
    to do, and why you should have a great
    webinar service like Webinars For Profit:


    So grab this and get started using webinars!


    Bonus – Purchase this and then purchase
    the webinars for profit software and I will
    refund the $29 setup fee that you would
    normally pay to get started!


    You must buy using my link, (both the webinars
    for profit software and the WSO) and then
    send me the receipt info from both, and I will
    refund the $29 after 30 days.

    Webinars For Profit Software:


    Webinar Bootstrap Method WSO:


    Help Desk: http://replytomicheal.com

    To your success!

    Micheal & Yvonne


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      Going More Often To The Movies?

      I have really found myself doing a lot more movie watching this year. Not only have there been a bunch of big name movies coming out; like Thor, Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, X-Men: First Class and coming soon: The Green Lantern and Captain America: The First Avenger. As you might be able to tell, I like Marvel and DC movies, and of course the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

      Thing is, I often had difficulties getting to the movies, even a couple years ago, as I didn’t have the time, and I didn’t have the money. Movies are so expensive, that to go there requires some disposable income (even before popcorn and soda).

      I managed to free myself of money issues for the most part. You can do the same, if you devote a few extra hours to building some streams of income. Your first choices should be recurring consumable services like Hosting For Profit and Webinars For Profit. Once you have those and you want to expand your business, you can use videos to build a powerful lead generation system. My friend (from Facebook) Andy Jenkins is hosting a live Bossathon right now that will help you get yourself into video production for very little money. Andy’s course is called Video Boss, and it has helped turn rookies into video pros! If you buy his course (which is a pricey investment) from my link, I will get you the Video Blogger Kit that I have been recommending to people for a while. I will also work with you on a weekly call (on skype or my teleseminar line) where we can discuss your projects and how best to proceed with them. I love doing videos, and I am somewhat good at it. I can use my experience to help you through the learning process with Andy’s course.

      But just making movies is not enough. You need a product. Once you have your own product to sell, it is a good way to bring people into your circle of influence. You can wow them with the quality of what you deliver. Always deliver good quality products, and you will build a fan base.

      A marketer I know is offering a complete Business In A Box for people who want to have a product to sell. It is called Blogging Power House! He is offering it at a WSO price for a little while. Here is the link for it:


      I find that because I took the time (and made the investments) in the past, I can take the time to enjoy myself and watch my favorite movies in the theater, and rent a ton of Blu-Rays from Netflix. Actually being able to take the time to watch videos at home is a commodity when you are working multiple jobs. At one point, paying $10 per month for Netflix was out of my reach.

      So make a decision to work a little harder, invest in yourself, read a few books by some of the experts in the business you are creating and develop some income streams. Go after each bill with a different income stream. Maybe you want to get rid of your cell phone bill, so build several blogs targeting some keywords that have good products available for sale.

      Each income stream can target a particular bill. Or maybe two or three streams can cover a bigger bill. But it is not difficult to build small income streams, then tweak them into larger ones.

      I will be releasing a free audio that I just made with expert blogger Eppie Vojt, so be on the lookout for my email tomorrow. If you have wondered how you should monetize your blogs, Eppie has one of the best ways to do it.

      See you tomorrow,

      Micheal Savoie

      PS – I don’t write these emails to brag about my life, but more importantly to tell you how you can do this yourself! If you want more personal coaching, simply let me know and we can work out a price that can work for the both of us.

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